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Pascal Gaudio, the Revenue and Distribution Manager of Primehotels, has always worked in the hospitality industry. When he heard about the reputation of Haaga-Helia and education in Finland, he wanted to give it a try and ended up doing his Bachelor’s Degree in Haaga campus.

– I knew already a bit about hospitality industry and being in Haaga-Helia I was able to deepen that knowledge in that sense, Gaudio says.

According to him, the best things about Haaga campus were the teachers, the atmosphere and the energy with all the international and local students.

– The teachers are very passionate. They mostly became like friends or colleagues, that someone you can relate to, a someone you can go and ask questions if you need to have some more information or if you have a project to archive there is always someone there to help you grow in that sense. I’m still in contact with many of them till this day, Gaudio says.

For the future professionals of hospitality industry, Gaudio has a couple of tips he wants to share:

– When you do your thesis do it about something that you really like and something that you will use in the future. When I did my thesis, I was so proud of it that I went to Hotel Haven and said: ”Okay, this is what I’m about, maybe we can use what is in my thesis to help with the growth of the hotel.” They read it and found it on point and that helped me to get a job in that sense.

– Your career starts right now. You might not realize it yet, but while you are sitting in the school bench and doing your homework, you are actually working in the industry in a way. Haaga-Helia is going to be there to give you all the resources and I’m sure that you have quest lecturers who come to your class to speak about different topics from the industry. So, it’s only up to you to use this to build your career, Gaudio says.

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