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Finland's most respected and read magazine for professionals in the HoReCa industry

Aromi is the magazine for professionals in the food and drink industry. The magazine writes about all aspects of the industry, including institutional kitchens, cafés, restaurants and staff lunchrooms. Target groups range from private to municipal facilities, from co-ops to chains, whether small or large. Aromi will publish its 52nd volume in 2019.

Aromi Media kit 2019 (PDF)

Shaker Media kit 2019 (PDF)

Issue and Copy Schedule


Issue date Copy date Theme NB!
1 16.1. 18.12. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN. Meat. GN food. Large machines.  
2 15.2. 28.1. CAFÉ. Street food. Coffee and tea.

Fastfood, Café, Restauranttrade fair magazine.

3 15.3. 28.2. EMPLOYEE CANTEEN. Frozen goods.Work apparel and footwear.  
4 15.4. 27.3. RESTAURANT. Pizza and burgers. Patios.  Massive distribution.
5 15.5. 25.4. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN. Everyday food. Dishware and table settings.

Survey issue.

6 12.6. 22.5. EMPLOYEE CANTEEN. Fish. Special dietary needs.  
7 2.9. 14.8. RESTAURANT. Vegetables. Restaurant machines. Massive distribution.
8 2.10. 12.9. CAFÉ. Desserts. Coffee and tea. Payment.  
9 1.11. 10.10. COMMERCIAL KITCHEN. Semi-processed. Parties.  
10 2.12. 14.11. RESTAURANT. Flavours from around the world.  

Advertising rates 4-colour (VAT 0%)

Double-page spread €8,100
Full page of text €4,750
Full page 2nd cover €4,900
Full page back cover €4,950
Half page €3,350
One-third page €2,950
Quarter page €2,400
One-eighth page €1,450
Circulation 11,000
Subscriptions Continuous (per year) 100 €, one year 122 €, single issue 7.90 €, online magazine:, single issue price 3.90 € and 10 issues 36 €

Advertising formats

Double-page spread 460 x 297 mm
Full page 230 x 297 mm
Half page, horizontal 230 x 146 mm
Half page, vertical 112 x 297 mm
One-third page 75 x 297 mm
Quarter page 93 x 130 mm
One-eighth page 93 x 62 mm

Sizes are without bleed. Please add 5 mm for bleed.

Technical specifications

Magazine size: 230 x 297 mm

Binding: glued Copy:
Raster: 60 lines Profile: ISOcoated_v2_bas.icc Please specify name of magazine, issue and advertiser. Request pdf file of copy guidelines.

Cancel advertisements by the magazine's copy date.
Complaints must be made within 14 days of publication

Special solutions

An A4-sized insert, brochure, model, taste, price list, customer magazine or perhaps a t-shirt? Loose, bound, glued or foiled. We can do it all!

What else? Cover surfaces, additional surfaces, cover flap, specific placements, an advert with a tail – the possibilities are endless!

Aromi newsletter

Published twice each month, the newsletter reaches its 20,000 subscribers. We publish editorial excerpts from Aromi articles in the newsletter. Each newsletter has one advertising space.Contact sales for schedules! Price: 1,000 €/ad.

Aromi’s website

Aromi’s website ( is a fast, user-friendly channel of communication that gives added value to the magazine between issues. Interactive websites provide an impressive showcase for ads, which is effective when combined with print advertising.

Blogs on the Aromi website and Facebook combined with print, content published wherever the customers are.


Will your advertising message be integrated directly into Aromi’s content? Content tailored for the readers, on a platform they are already using, provides the best opportunities for taking advantage of available media. A single piece of content can be used on all of Aromi’s channels, using different main messages/excerpts, and even in the advertiser’s own media. An effective marketing message provides the reader with added value and ideally competes directly with the media content for interest.

Prices starting at €4,800 spread + VAT. Price includes content producer work and layout design.

Service Directory

The BtoB Services directory is a regular feature of Aromi. An advertisement in the directory ensures that information about your company will appear in every issue throughout the year. Advertisement sizes starting at 90 x 45 mm, price 1,690 €/10 issues.

Massive Distribution

In 2019, the April and September issues of Aromi (issues number 4 and 7) will be given massive distribution. They will reach every preparation, delivery and central kitchen in Finland.

For further information, please contact:

Anja Moilanen
Sales Manager
+358 40 537 4272